Thursday, September 08, 2011

Why can't women get ahead?

Occasionally I see feminist articles that "break rant" on ideology.   This is close.   Basically "Smart Girls" give up too early.  The explanation is that "Smart Girls" tend to receive praise for qualities such as “goodness” or “cleverness” — attributes that are either present or absent — rather than the kinds of messages boys receive assuring them that more effort will pay off, “you can do it if you try harder”.  As they get older they supposedly hesitate to take action because they don’t want to make waves or be labelled a bitch.  Women who want to get ahead get over the nice girl thing — particularly the bright ones. Perhaps.

I would say it depends if they are crushing their sisters or seducing their brothers.  It is well accepted that women hat to work for other women - preferring the "free pass" they get from men.  There is a natural "entente cordial" between men and women that allows us to work together so long as we don't push to hard.  But I believe properly motivated teams of men still are able to achieve much more than women - even in the Knowledge sector.

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