Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Gender Inequality - a Male Perspective

Despite being a bit dated (video was produced in 2008, courtesy of The National Coalition for Men) there are still some useful website resources referred to at the end of the video.  This initial effort has "morphed" into a call for a special White House Counsel on Boys To Men.  It has accomplished a number of good updates since then and I recommend reading there. [Also, another academic effort in same direction I have referred to in this blog before.]

Here are the websites mentioned in video:
[Another shorter, but still powerful summary of the issues facing men is here - Men's Movement Revealed - Sex Culture and a Mission.]   

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  1. Some interesting points are made and I believe western societies are unfair towards men, especially when it comes to issues of family and health. In my opinion, this video makes women out to be manipulative.

    How do we achieve gender equality without making one gender feel left out? Men's Sheds is an interesting Australian initiative where men and boys can get together, work on projects and discuss issues. I think it's a great idea.

    In today's society it shouldn't matter if your male or female.