Friday, July 08, 2011

Stop The Corruption In Child Support Enforcement - MLJ1219

Micheal Jordan's take on being taken to the cleaners by Family Court. He has provided an extensive video archive of his experience and how "the FLAW system" is taking it's toll.

At 09:15 (above in video 1) Micheal begins discussion of a case in Dec 2004 from Liberty Advocate Charles Corry's website - the Equal Justice Foundation in which an ex-wife Viola TREVINO of NM successfully defrauded her former husband of $18,000 over a number of years in an elaborate scam involving child-support for a child that never existed!   Mr. Jordan points out that the sad fact is the incompetence of the judge involved was part of the reason this case was revealed.

There are many other points he makes in the 6 part series.

Although it is not the same person, I have also subscribed to this blog - MKG4583  - who tends to deal only with PA issues, but occasionally strays into other Family Law areas.

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