Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Murdered children - no-one guilty?

In the U.S a decision  of "Not Guility" for Casey Anthony, in the death of her 2yr old daughter Caylee.  I tend to see how it happened even though I think - as do many others - that she is guilty as the day is long for this horrific crime.  The major reason for her getting off, there was no evidence linking her to the murder - except alot of odd behaviour and highly circumstantial indicators.  It seemed clear from the beginning that the prosecution had nothing.

Meanwhile, in Canada, Guy Turcotte was found not-criminally responsible by reason of temporary insanity for the brutal murder of his two children after his wife Isabelle left him for another man and they separated.  Again this is a horrific crime - and I doubt this man will every live free again.  Still, I also hope it makes women realize that they risk some terrible consequences from their actions - not that feminists will allow them that luxury.

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