Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The (female) reporter - Mac McClelland - met a women in Haiti when she was there to report on the 2010 Earthquake who had  been raped.  McClelland was SO distraught by this experience (meeting the women, hearing about the encounter, witnessing how she reacted when she thought she seen her attacker etc) - that she couldn't get over it.   With agreement of her therapist she asked a friend to simulate her rape.

Yes, she asked a (male) friend to "rape" her.

This is a whole new level of strange.

At the same time - www.Cheaterville.com - is coming to Canada.

You can't make this stuff up.

[*Just to clarify in-case people interpret my comments as "condoning rape" or some such poppycock. Given what I know of Haiti (Montreal has a very large ex-patriot community on account of the French culture and amity. Haiti is "the poorest in the Western hemisphere" according to CIA 1999 figures.) I do not doubt that rape is rampant in this sad, lawless, corrupt, ungoverned, crumbling and desperately poor country.  In these economically and socially impoverished circumstances I think there is much higher possibility of needless violence and personal crime of opportunity. Given the chaos and tumult post-earthquake (Jan 2009) I believe women and girls without constant protection are more vulnerable - and have very likely been subject to this terrifying sexual violation.  But I think it is a REAL PROBLEM when we (Westerners) attempt to transport our social standards about these crimes to such countries and then are shocked ("Shocked" I tell you) when it turns out very badly. It is naive in the extreme and deliberately courting disaster. So, this reporters attitude and behaviour causes me more subsequent alarm than the fact of cruel abuse suffered by these poor women in Haiti.]

(h/t to RamZPaul)

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