Saturday, June 18, 2011

Obama's Fathers Day 2011

Well, President Obama has not done that well with his 2 previous Father's Day addresses - and at least this year he holds back to just pontificating, rather than abrasively criticizing others Dads.   To be sure, is was a  nice little anecdote about him being an Assistant Coach for his youngest daughter's (Malia?) basketball team - but there is a supercilious air to it all.

However, it this interview he really tells us alot MORE by explaining his modern day parenting plan - riding shot-gun with his daughters in case any of them finds themselves in a "dangerous" situation (ie with a boy).

I know - oh it's a joke, don't take him seriously! - but I am not so sure it doesn't tell us EVERYTHING we need to know about this advocate for the "nanny state" President.

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