Monday, December 20, 2010

Wikileaks Promiscuity?

International attention has shifted from the Wikileaks disclosures to the behaviour of it's self-anointed leader - Julian ASSANGE - who has been charged with rape in Sweden (but is being held in Britain).  The attention is becoming less salacious and more perplexing as it casts ASSANGE in a rather odd light as it highlights his questionable judgement (having sex with 2 feminists? - who are good friends? - and who discover their unexpected menage-a-trois in a cluckfest the next day? - come-on!  It's too poetic for mere justice!)

Although it may seem unlikely and the CIA involvement has been rejected , I believe it is entirely possible that the whole thing is an elaborate counter-espionage operation by some bored Arabic intelligence team in order to cause dissent among America's allies.

But the whole incident is working to undermine ASSANGE's credibility.

[Update: Here is a slightly different viewpoint] 

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