Friday, December 24, 2010

Men broken by Feminist Theory

Sadly, there are many of such misguided groups masquerading as "Men's Groups" across the country. Many put up tell-tail signs like "Pro-Feminist, Gay-affirmative, Anti-racist" tags etc (like this collective NOMAS) - but don't be fooled by their sincerity, they have truly lost their way and are basically "eunuchs".  It is sad they they do not understand themselves or perhaps it is just they are confused about their sexuality as many appear to be gay, or men who are supporters of "gay rights" and seem to have accepted the feminist doctrine of denigrating male attributes/masculine qualities.  In any event, I believe it is ultimately a sad, sad betrayal of themselves and their sex.

A good example is this post.

It is interesting that many of them seem to have subjugated relationships with women and are aa virulently hostile to other men's organization as feminists groups (they continue to refer FRA as the now negatively connotated and derogated "Fathers Rights Alliances" and not the actual "Family Rights Associations").  Here is one sad Board Member - who describes himself and his wife as:
"They live in Maynard, MA and have no children except themselves."
Pretty pathetic.

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