Friday, December 24, 2010

End of Men - TED 2010

Hanna ROSIN explains her controversial article in Altantic Magazine - July/August 2010 "The End of Men".

(I suggest you activate the subtitles)
Among the interesting factoids was:
at 00:47mm:ss  Women are majority of workforce? (*that needs some fact checking - see MANcession)
at 10:00mm:ss  % of Korean women who "must have a son" drops from ~48% in 1985 to 19% in 2003
at 14:00mm:ss  stereotypical movie characteristics of male roles - none are encouraging.

Another factoid that was reported recently indicates that:
"[In urban area's]  median full-time salaries of young women are 8% higher than those of the guys in their peer group…"  but, it only applies to  "unmarried, childless women under 30 who live in cities. The rest of working women — even those of the same age, but who are married or don’t live in a major metropolitan area - are still on the less scenic side of the wage divide."
This is certainly good news insofar as it should put to rest the idea that the traditional wage gap has been a product of sexism. As this new research shows, it’s women’s (and men’s) attributes and career choices that determine earnings. [Yet,] To the extent that this trend is driven by men losing jobs and remaining out of work, and young men failing to attain the skills needed to meaningfully contribute to the economy, this is not good news at all. 

Below is Marc Rudov's commentary on "a study" indicating the number of women in corporate roles reduces corporate profitability.  Rudov suggests it is "affirmative action" that is the problem because it distorts merit-based promotion.   (It was interesting that the female news anchor mentions GE's Jack Welch actions in encouraging more women in management at broadcaster NBC AS AN EXAMPLE OF BETTER MANAGEMENT.  With the stock performance in the dumps for past 2 years - that might be a dreadful legacy - although they are not alone with most of Corporate America just back from the brink.)
I am very grateful to Marc Rudov for his continued effort on behalf of men everywhere - and the clip!

[*Update: Ok, I just checked this 1 item and Ms ROSIN is WRONG!  There is not category women exceed men - yet.   As of Oct 2010 NSA "Men, 20 years and over" 71.960 million Men are Employed vs a comparable 63.645 million Women.  But the numbers are converging very quickly. And it is clear that for the teenager category (16-19 yrs) girls are much better off than boys.]

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