Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stalking and obsessive behaviour

Normally I agree with Colby Cosh - as he lives here AND has his prestigious gig with Macleans - an would cut him some slack - but not on this one.   He is exhibiting the same "alpha male" attitude that has kept MRA divided for years.  That is even more of a surprise given Colby Cosh's appearance (zap!)

But seriously, is he not confusing the issue.   This guy had some psychiatric issues that are not being addressed in jail.    Whose fault is that?  His or ours?

I happen to have heard of men with equally as crazy women stalkers.   What do we do with them?   Say "wait to go guy" to the man?

Here is another kind of "obsession" - do we blame the mother or just pour MILLIONS into post-birth treatment programs for these seriously damages individuals?  No one can say we don't know the harm to an unborn child from drinking, tobacco or drug use during pregnancy.

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