Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bizarre Case of Noah Kirkman of Calgary

This bizarre case cropped up in April 2010 around the dates for PAAD (Parental Alienation Awareness Day) and I was not able to track it.    I believe her son Noah has been returned to her.   It is international jurisdictional dispute - but also one of bureaucratic inertia. (I was not aware until I read the article that she has a bit of a reputation as as a marijuana activist.  Although I would tend to agree with a number of her points about cops teaching drug awareness.)

[Addendum: An odd but more thorough investigation may be here.  I also note this strange disclosure on Lisa's FaceBook profile, furthermore is toned down from the one that was there before - although it is difficult to distinguish fact from fantasy on FB.   I suppose the question should be what  are the standards for parents?]


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