Monday, April 12, 2010

How EPO's can strip men of more than constitutional rights of due process

This article  "Two Judges Slapped Down for Requiring Police Report Before Issuing TROs" by Glenn Sacks Editor Robert Franklin provides a stark look at how Florida judges are brought to heel by DV Supporters and the Family Law "industry".   The best quote?
An injunction of protection against domestic violence, also known as a temporary restraining order (TROis easy to obtain in the state of Florida.  Did you think you'd have to actually take an oath before a judge?  Produce evidence?  Please.  All you're doing is depriving your target of valuable constitutional rights, so no evidence, no notice, no due process and no opportunity to be heard are necessary.  It makes filling out a credit card application look like advanced calculus.
Here are the two subsequent articles that describe how the two "rogue" judges are returned to the fold.  Is this really America?

Of course that is just the beginning.
[As] over 70% of divorces in the United States are filed by women, and every family lawyer with a pulse knows that TROs help get custody for the filer, so anything that makes getting a TRO even a tiny bit more difficult will get their dander up.  And that's exactly what's happened in Sarasota.
Seems to be similar to what the practices I hear of in Canada all the time.

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