Tuesday, March 02, 2010

McGill Tribune Smear against RADAR?

I have just read Mark Rosenthal's response (he is a researcher at non-profit www.mediaRADAR.org) to a "smear" in an OpEd piece by Carolyn GREGOIRE entitled "The Fight for Men's Rights".

Apart from the misrepresentations presented it is remarkable that GREGOIRE did not attempt to interview Rosenthal.  Presumably as a student journalist this must be the 1st Commandment. Admittedly her article fell under the safe gambit of OpEd, but even then, why stray so far from the subject material without a fact check or allow a response in the form of a comeback piece? These are traditional journalistic courtesy's.

Given that noted professor and author Katherine YOUNG is from McGill and has recently published her third book entitled "Sanctifying Misandry: Goddess Ideology and the Fall of Man"  that debunks much of the feminist ideology it is a bit surprising.

Among the remarks made by Rosenthal is that he was the victim of a violent mother who physically abused his father.  Further he feels lucky this happened before the current "Zero-Tolerence" became a zero-intelligence “arrest-the-man-regardless-of-the-facts” policy, or the state would have removed his father - the only parent who protected him - and likely accelerated his demise similar to the suicide of his sister.

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