Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Living in a Matriarchy - video series 1-5

Interesting exploration of impact of changing gender roles on men.

Among some of the speakers in this series by BBC journalist, Michael Buerk are:

Karen Krizanovich - author of  "Be Nice to Men"

Aric Sigman - Psychologist

Countess Alexandra Tolstoy:  Q: Where does this leave traditional male attributes/qualities - reticence, stoicism, aggression, gallantry?  A: I can't believe they remove male instincts completely from a man for the family, society or for men.  We should not meddle with nature.  Women are too greedy - they want it all which is unfair. [Editor: I find it mildly amusing that Ms. Tolstoy has now divorced (2009) this "masculine" man she married in 2003, despite having his child. And yes she is a distant relative to famous Russian novelist, Leo Tolstoy.]

She claims "If women really understood how men felt - they would act differently."

Melanie Phillips - Feminisation of society is not disadvantageous - it amount to social suicide.  Men do not know where they stand and women are at fault because they do not give men a place to stand.

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