Monday, March 15, 2010

Body Image - Prada 'sacked old and fat staff'

I found this new item interesting as the "senior manager" was male.  However the company denies any such statement and it Ms. Bovrisse's suit was dismissed as "sour grapes". She apparently intends on gathering more witnesses and re-applying.

A senior manager at Prada has claimed that she was ordered to get rid of "old, fat and ugly" staff in its Japanese stores.
Rina Bovrisse, who oversaw 500 staff in 40 stores across Japan, also alleges that the chief executive wanted her to change her hairstyle and lose weight. She was placed on involuntary leave last November.
She has started a discrimination and harassment case in Tokyo's industrial tribunal courts.
Her allegations focus on an incident in May last year when she claims that Davide Sesia, the chief executive of Prada Japan, allegedly asked her to "eliminate" around 15 managerial staff he described as "old, fat, ugly, disgusting or not having the Prada look."
Afterwards, 13 members of staff were issued with demotional transfer orders due to poor sales, Ms Bovrisse told the Japan Times.
Prada Japan said it was unable to comment.

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