Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jane LAMARSH of Wallaceberg ON charged with killing her grandkids

Not to be outdone, OPP finally charge a Grandmother with murder from Dec. 3, 2009 when she drove her car into the freezing St. Clair river, killing grandchildren Taiya Talbot, 6, and Tyler Bernard, 10. This women's 12yr old daughter, Jennifer survived by swimming to the banks with her mother (that is weird).

I recall prominent feminist politician of the 1970's with the same surname from that area of SW Ontario - Judy LAMARSH, a strident member of the Federal Liberal Party. She was almost single-handedly responsible for the formation of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, that gave rise to our current rad-fem mess.

(Judy LAMARSH with Pierre TRUDEAU 1973 photo credit: Niagara Public Library)

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