Sunday, February 28, 2010

Darren Mack can NOT be defended, EVER

Darren Mack lost his appeal over his murder conviction of his ex-wife, Carla and Judge Weller in Nevada (in image to left and who is arguing in front of Weller for her own safety here) who was involved in his case and he also attempted to murder.

These shocking developments are obviously how our detractors wish to paint all men - as conniving and  murderous, barely in control of ourselves and on the edge of insanity.  Anything is possible I suppose, but  for a far great majority of men this not the case.  If anything can be learned from this case, it is that men (and women) must be more careful in determining the motivations of all parties in such cases and BE VERY AWARE about being intemperately used.

Glenn Sacks has provides links to all of his comments in this case, including the fact that Mack attempted to get a  number of other Arizona Fathers Rights Groups to support him.

Besides Darren Mack, he brings up the equally heinous U.S cases of  Herbert Chalmers and Tony Camcho.

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