Sunday, February 14, 2010

Amy BISHOP, faculty member shoots three other university staff over loss of tenure - Birmingham AL

By now, everyone has heard Amy BISHOP.
A female teacher shot dead three people and wounded three others Friday after learning she had been denied tenure at an Alabama university, school officials and local media said.
So, why don't they name her in the storey? There was no doubt at the time it was released to the media, but they failed (in this newswire storey) to name her.  Maybe it's just me but there seems to be a double standard.  When a man goes on a rampage somewhere we have his Drivers ID photo and name spread all over the place - even if he is just a suspect.

And look at her history!  She shot her brother in 1986 - ruled an accident (she fired 3 times!). She was also a suspect in a Mail-bomb attempt against a Harvard Professor in 1993 but no-one was ever charged.  Now, why would anyone miss these signs of criminal instability?  Bueler?

From this to this...

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