Saturday, January 16, 2010

Code Pink Misfires

This National Post Comment was worth it.    On Dec 11, 2009 the Calgary Herald had an article about how Code Pink finally got around to visiting Afghanistan - after condemning the military invasion for almost 8 years!  

Code Pink is a self-proclaimed Feminist group who oppose war, but do not call them selves pacifists.  The rest of the article points out the hubris of Code Pink in taking that long to ask Afghanistan women what they want rather than assuming they would kowtow to Code Pink's Founder - Jodie EVANS.    The article was critical of Code Pink and was co-authored by Afgan women Wazhma Frogh and Canadian Lauryn Oates.

Among the other troubling disclosures is that Code Pink supports a number of other left-wing, controversial, "freedom fighters" movements around the world like Hamas in Gaza, Tamils in Sri Lanka, as well as the ejection of US/Cdn Forces from Afghanistan - so they are not against all armed conflict - just the kind we and other western liberal democracy's engage in.  For example Code Pink claims to have delivered "tens of thousands" in aid to Hamas in Gaza.

Also noteworthy are the close connections between Code Pink Founder - Jody EVANS and President  Obama. EVANS a top donor and fundraiser for President Barack Obama. Jodie Evans has maintained close ties with Obama and his administration throughout the first year having visited twice in June.

Obviously they are just another left-wing Democrat support group of nutbars, but look how effectively they have co-opted the "Feminism" flag.  On their website they have 13 staff listed! (all women of course).

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