Friday, December 11, 2009

Another curious case of the abuse of power by the state

Ok, this is weird.  While I was I looking contact info on an MP near me - James RAJOTTE , I just punched him into Google.  As usual I got the typical hodge-podge of links but the one that caught my eye was  As it happens, I had visited something like that in the US in the past and was pleasantly surprised and interested to see that a Canadian "clone" was available.

It is great.  It is a non-partisan, open-source site and has recorded all of the votes that have taken place and has a number of other great resources on MP's, legislation and Hansard statements/records.  If possible I will volunteer to help. I would like to see something like it in Alberta.

Anyways - that is not the abuse, this is:

One can not help but admire this young women for doing her homework and discovering massive lapses in logic that seem to elude her supposed "betters" in the OPP, Ontario Legislature and Parliament. She discusses many different cases - all related to crazy, over zealous gun control issues that appear to want to remove guns from ordinary, law abiding citizens many of whom need guns for protection in rural and remote area's.  The most shocking abuses seem reserved for those law abiding citizens who are being DEEMED CRIMINALS merely for not want to surrender their personal arms because they doubt the Police Services would actually provide them proper protection.   By removing peoples ability to take such action when the circumstances demand it, we increase reliance reduce personal accountability and independence.  What we get from the Police is Crime Management, not Prevention - because they are too busy having coffee to make the tough arrests.  For more information goto:

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