Thursday, November 05, 2009

Memorium to David Andrew BAGLEY (1973SEP25 - 2001NOV05)

On Nov 5, 2001 David Andrew BAGLEY was murdered in Latrobe PA. All available evidence pointed pretty convincingly to his former girlfriend, Shirley TURNER - with whom he had just ended their relationship.  Before she was taken into custody and properly investigated for her role in the crime, she fled to her native Newfoundland.  But that was not the end of her crimes.  Extradition proceeding were started but it became known she was pregnant with BAGLEY's baby.  This delayed extradition proceedings  until this baby - to be named Zachary - was born on Aug 18, 2002.

As time drew on many odd behaviours by TURNER became known to those professionals and personal acquaintances around her.   Yet not one seemed inclined to "connect the dots" about her poor mental state.  In particular, as TURNER was a MD and had friends who were also health professionals it seems remarkable than no-one flagged her troubled behaviour as a potential risk for her new baby.  In an exhaustive review of the case by Justice MARKESTEYN issued in 2006, he described TURNER as "in denial about her own state" and that "her own lawyer seemed unaware about her emotional fragility".

After Zachary was born the extradition process was put in motion again and due to the lengthy process, discussions and appeals - the final decision was received around August 15, 2003 as Zachary was almost 13mths.  With the extradition looming, TURNER late on the evening of Aug 17, 2003 drove with her young son near the home of a recent paramour who had also rejected her, gave her infant son Ativan and jumped into the ocean drowning them both.

I would probably not be marking these deaths - despite the terrible tragedy it represented - except to highlight the strange tunnel-vision of authorities who failed to hold this women to the same standards as we know would apply to men.  I suggest such inattention can not be rationally explained as anything but gender discrimination and happens all too often, usually the lethal detriment of men.

In general the whole sorry case is outlined here, GLNL Turner Review and Investigation - Sept 2006. 
  • the preferential treatment of women after divorce allowed TURNER to gain financially from child support payments despite not actually looking after or maintaining full custody of her children.
  • she married and divorced twice with 3 children.
  • she was unfaithful during her marriages with a number of men - often 9-12 yrs younger - which likely contributed to the failure of her marriages.
  • a poor and neglectful mother who was the subject of child abuse reports - with no consequences
  • according to her residency supervisor (who himself was a doctor) she exhibited "manipulative, guiltless and psychopathic" behaviour on many occasions. 
  • exhibited many classical DV "controlling" behaviour in many of her personal relationships - stalking, persistent phone-calls, unconscionable jealousy, female "territoriality" (highly exclusionary of current and former female relationships), dramatic suicidal threats and gestures etc.
With hindsight, Shirley TURNER was "unbalanced" but as MARKESTEYN stated in his report, she was so skilled at deceptions it would have taken diligent study to determine her "delinquent parenting history or her - in my reserved opinion - seriously dysfunctional psyche".  A sad case at the hands of an truly psychotic women.

[On March 11, 2009 a longtime friend of Andrew BAGLEY screened a documentary film about this whole saga - it was titled  "Dear Zachary" and I am posting on my "Movie's To Watch" sidebar.]

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  1. I have just watched your documentary on TV in the UK and I cannot tell you how moved I am to see what his poor parents have gone through after that EVIL, VILE individual murdered their son then their grandson. I can honestly say nothing in my 42 years has ever moved me as much as this documentary, my thoughts are with you as will millions of others around the UK.

    Andrew had so many friends in the US, this documentary will mean he and his family will have friends all over the world.

    How two people can live with such grief is beyond me but I hope Kate and David can go on and spread Andrew & Zachery's love forever.

    You will be in my thoughts for the rest of my life, please continue to be strong, you are true inspiration.

    Much Love to you both

    Sandra - Wigan Lancashire UK

  2. So Very sad to watch. I dont understand how you wonderful and caring people are still standing after your loss and grief. my hearts go out to you and your family and friends. Rest in peace Andrew and Zachery.x Much Love to you all. Linzi- Kent UK

  3. I saw the documenary a week ago here in Sweden and was deeply moved. Often during the documentary there was tears in my face. How could she do a thing like this. I was also deeply moved by the strength from Kate and David, despite the fact that Shirley had done to their son and grandson.
    I have tried to find the book, here in Sweden, that david wrote "Dancing with the devil". Bu t so far i have not been successfull. The best would be in swedish but english is ok. Please mail me if you know where to find the book.
    Rest in peace dear Andrew and Zachery.
    Many warm Greetings to you all from
    Christer Löfberg
    Norrlidsvägen 108, 1tr
    S-39357 Kalmar

  4. As a former law enforcement professional, who worked specifically in in domestic abuse, this case makes me very sad. So often people feel that thinking someone is "crazy or bad" makes THEM bad people. It does not. I always told people I counseled TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!!!
    The worst that can happen is you hurt a nice person whom you wrongly judged. The best is that you survive to the next day.