Monday, November 16, 2009

Dads battle in memory of lost daughters

Although I feel hounding some Sex Offender (at leat the ones charged in connection with Family breakdown) once they have served their FULL sentence and are NO LONGER DEEMED a risk to the public is wrong, I support these men who's daughter's were murdered by seriously twisted sexual predators while on release or early parole despite being strongly indicated that they were still at risk to offend.

I wonder why and how these terrible decisons are made?  How sucessful are they?  What is the measure of success?   I suggest that the parole bureaucrats be compensated for the number of applications they process (not release) BUT receive claw-backs when they go bad.  Or perhaps that victims families have the ability to sue bureaucrats for negligence in not carrying out their duties.

Here is link to the support group they formed.

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