Monday, November 16, 2009

Custody battles in the age of Internet chats

I suppose this article is good news, however at the end it reveals that the father who earns $200,000 will pay $7,600 per month in Child support and maintenance for their two children 4 and 7.   That works out to $91,200 per year! Assuming that is all Employment Income he would normally pay $67,500 in combined BC and FED Income Tax leaving $132,500 less amount paid to ex-wife $91,200 = $41,300 per year or $3,400 mth to live on. Perhaps not surprisingly here is article in today's New York Times entitled "Financial Decisions to Make as You Divorce"

It is also shocking that the article refers to many cases in Alberta, Ontatio and elsewhere where mothers have been allowed to move children because they could maintain relationships with fathers by Skype.

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