Monday, October 26, 2009

A week of Filicide

The past few weeks have involved a number of horrific cases. In 2 of 3, it can not be ignored that actual or threatened family breakdown was a contributing factor. Obviously, mental instability was also present.
  • On Friday Oct 24, Cathie GAUTHIER of Chicoutimi PQ was sentenced in the 1st degree murder of her three children - Joelle, 12, Marc-Ange, 7, and Louis-Philippe, 4 - and her husband, Marc Laliberte on New Years 2008. The murders and her failed suicide attempt were part of an apparent plan between her husband and herself.
  • Allan Schoenborn, 41, is facing three first-degree murder charges in the April 2008 killings of Kaitlynne, 10, Max, 8, and Cordon, 5. His case began Monday Oct 26 in Kamloops BC. The man also made a half-hearted attempt on his own life after the massacre but somehow convinced himself that he had to survive or "the truth would not be told." His common-law wife admitted in initial testimony that he could be erratic, but she never suspected that he would be capable of such a horrific crime against his own children. She had made the decision to leave him in Vancouver and had moved to Merritt BC about 7 months before the murders took place, and while he was visiting after finally locating them all.
  • On Oct 26, Seow Cheng Sin, mother of a 15-yr old severely autistic son Boon KHOR was charged his murder and is under suicide watch. Apparently she was depressed, distraught and had discussed divorce with her husband, Tony KHOR the day before she moved into a motel and took their son with her. She then took his life.

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