Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ed STELMACH Interview

Tonight the Premier will give a "State of the Province" address - it is not live and has been taped and prepared. A few pundits last night claimed there was no way he could "meet expectations".

Here is an interview from only last week.

Energy points:
  • $1 Nat Gas price change = $1.1bn (then $6.50, now $4.00)
  • 1c in fx rate is $220 million (gone from 85c to now 97c).
  • NG Producers need to sell gas, facing a surplus.

Healthcare Points:
  • Women can't deliver babies in Brooks
  • Can't get epidural in Lethbridge
  • Long meandering answers - yes or no?
  • Graduate 2,000 RN's /year, improve Doctor/patient ratio, primary care network
  • Health Budget $13bn - has increased 10%/yr for last few years.

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