Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Don't talk to the Police - Part I + II

Thanks to Elusive Wapiti, this series - "Don't talk to the Police" (Part I and Part II).

Remembering that he is an unrepentant Libertarian in Montana should colour strict adherence to his advice - but I think there are some similarities to the Canadian experience. His main points are:
Part I

Part II

  • 98% confession rate.
  • develop probable cause and give the crown a GREAT CASE
  • many ways to get people to incriminate themselves, and the police are trained to do this.
  • Police do NOT do Interrogations (that is a bad, mean Nazi term) they do Interviews.
  • An Apology letter as a written confession = convicted.

... and here is an uncooperative women who is tazed after being stopped for speeding (but I think she deserves it for stupidity - don't ever say you weren't warned. Certainly, a man would not have got such a easy time of it.)

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