Tuesday, September 08, 2009

13 yr old Dutch girl stopped from sailing around-the-world

When I first heard this story I knew the Canadian media were leaving out something important. This report from the Sydney Morning News reveals that the parents have been divorced for some time. Here was her mothers side.

I think this is a classic case of her playing one mother off against the father - for a change - but I do not for a second think it is a wise idea. Perhaps the father is gambling on her changing her mind after a few weeks crossing the North Atlantic, or him having to come to her aid somehow cementing their bond but given my small sailing experience a 13 year old - girl or boy - lacks the emotional maturity to withstand a solo around the world journey. This is a bad idea and this father should reconsider very carefully what he is doing - and why before he regrets it for the rest of his life. That is what I think anyways.
"Laura has divorced parents and it is very normal for a child of this age to be very loyal to the parent (he or she) is living with," Child Protection spokesman Richard Bakker told The Associated Press.
For once, I agree.

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