Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Perfect example of feminist spin

I suppose I am as guilty as anyone of being taken in by hyperbole and sometimes may have confused bluster for bombast and conviction. But given the sad development last week in Smith AB where a grandfather Ian PAGET, allegedly murdered his wife, daughter, and grand-daughter and then committed suicide - it seems premature, not to mention unseemly for this feminist blogger from the United States [apparently] to be making PRONOUNCEMENTS LIKE THIS within days of the discovery:
"Would this have happened if Terry Eliuk had just let his ex-wife and children leave? (Notice that this story is only a slight variation on usual the family annihilator theme of blaming the female victims. In this case the media reports their ostensible spendthrift habits, and hints at the maternal grandmother's wanting to leave, but says absolutely nothing about the genderized killings, while the men try to "understand" each other's stressors.)"
This is beyond distasteful and heaps a different kind of "abuse" on an indignity to suggest that Terry ELIUK was to blame. In fact is not a stretch to say he saved his son from his sister Misty's fate. But, sad to say I am not surprised as many of these feminist bloggers do little more than shill for their radical sisters inserting spin where none exists. There has been an awful crime committed, but we will never learn the real reasons why and certainly not from those most affected by it.

Also, please note that there are NO excoriating comments on the aforementioned blog about football star Steve McNair's murderous girlfriend who shot him 4 times while asleep before turning the gun on herself. Or former wife of Artuo GATTI, one of the most exciting young lightweight boxers ever from Montreal who was found dead - apparently at his own hand after failing to quell his wife's marital dissatisfaction and the wealthy life he gave her. Or Quebec women, Louise DESNOYERS who drowned her eight-year-old son in August 2006 and was sentenced last month, but was unable to follow through with her own planned suicide. Or Adele SORELLA of Laval QC, who murdered her two daughters on April 2, 2009 and then carelessly crashed her Lexus into a wall. Or Michelle CAMIRE of Winnipeg MB who admitting battering one of her 3 newborns on Oct 22, 2004 and called 911 to admit as much. Or ..... I could go on but why depress oneself.

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