Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Barbara KAY address the insipid banality of the press

I can't help but admire everything Barbara KAY writes - and I try not to gush believe me - but despite this restraint and her most recent article not being a of critical import to men, she has a very good point!
I wouldn't normally dignify such lifestyle bumf with a column, but it struck me that the hoopla around this silly book falls into a cultural pattern, according to which the media eagerly aggrandize purveyors of utter banality, as long as they are advocating for the abandonment of demonstrably valuable social norms.
[the modern syllogism presented]: Non-reproductive sexuality-pride, infidelity-pride (see Chatelaine's July feature, "An affair to remember"), divorce-pride, anti-children pride: In this topsy-turvy politically correct world, the media have glommed onto the mantra that poor is rich, even if it's only the exhibitionistic, the immature, the egotistical and the narcissistic who keep repeating it.
How true.

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