Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama's betrayal of the working-class male

Carey Roberts article is great. Among the best points:
  • A "man-cession in the lipstick economy." - many more men are being affected by this recession (construction and manufacturing, traditional male dominated industry's) than for women - health care and education (government services)
  • Male unemployment is 10.5% and for Women 8.0% - is the largest gap since 1948.
  • Stimulus programs not going to "shovel-ready" projects. A significant amount is going to feminist sanctioned projects. In Mississippi only 13% of Federal Stimulus funds are going to road construction.
  • Irony is men propelled Obama to victory in 10 of 17 close states and more (49%) supported Obama/Biden than McCain/Palin (48%)
As Phyllis SHADFLY suggests "this discrimination will make men, husbands and fathers irrelevant as family providers."

[download article from scribd]

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