Friday, May 08, 2009

One Sick Momma

I thought this was a joke or a portayal of a "fantasy/dream sequence" in a film when I first read this.     But, no - it appears to be part of "Positive Justification" why Ontario has dramatically changed its adoption laws, and mandated opening up records.

Here is the intro:
ADOPTION Genetic sexual attraction of Forbidden love
Pull of attraction felt between adoptees, biological family members
Last Updated: Thursday, May 7, 2009 | 10:59 AM ET CBC News

When blood relatives reunite for the first time, they sometimes feel attracted to each other. Two weeks after Sally reunited with her biological son, she began to have sexual feelings for him.

"This is feeling really bizarre, but I think I'm falling in love with this person," she recalls thinking.

Sally, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, had given up her son for adoption when she was 16, but vowed as she cradled the little boy swaddled in a blanket that she would someday, somehow become part of his life again. She never imagined that their reunion some 30 years later would lead to a sexual relationship.

After their first meeting, the two found themselves spending more and more time together. "We kind of gave ourselves permission to do more hugging," said Sally in an interview with CBC's The Current. Eventually, it progressed into a sexual relationship.

"I do remember the night we did and it was amazing … the most amazing thing I've ever experienced," Sally says. "He said, 'I've finally found the most perfect person in the world for me in every way and she turned out to be my mother.'"

Sally's not alone in feeling a deep attraction to a blood relative upon meeting as adults for the first time.

Genetic sexual attraction, or GSA as it's called, is a little known consequence of reunions with adoptees and their biological family members, where attraction is felt and sometimes acted upon. It has been known to happen between mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, uncles and nieces, and even same-sex relatives.

While recognized by some adoption agencies and psychologists, there is little information on the subject. As Ontario, Canada's most populous province, gets set to become the fifth province to open its adoption records on June 1, there are calls for more education and support on GSA.

Though some adoptees and birth parents will likely use their power to veto access to their files, the change of law holds the possibility of affecting some 250,000 children officially adopted in the province in the past 88 years.
So, she finds her lost son and sparks her sexual relationship with her son - and that is GOOD? Sorry, that is ONE SICK MOMMA.  I would BET good money that if a Father attempted to get close to his lost child/daughter this way, he would not be held up as an example of paternal care by the media.  

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