Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SQUEEZE for Tropicana

Glenn Sacks has highlighted a commendable "Father-Friendly" ad campaign by Arnell for Tropicana Fresh Orange Juice (owned by Pepsico Inc. ). The campaign is called SQUEEZE and it just features happy parental childhood images coupled to fresh orange juice. Given that the common shorthand for orange juice is "OJ" and that had a fairly negative connotation associated with it for many years I'm not surprised that they are taking this route.

Readers were encouraged to send their support to Tropicana PR Director Jamie STEIN in the U.S. (details at Glenn's post here) as well as Chief Marketing Officer at Arnell, Tara GROTE in New York. (T (212) 219 8400 E tgrote@arnell.com).

However, like many other multinational consumer products companies, Pepsi Canada does not appear to be running the same campaign up here - doubtless because some American style ads do not "click" with Canadian consumers in the same way. Nonetheless, this may be an opportunity to inform them that many Men welcome a "healthier characterization" in our popular media.

So, I suggest we support both the U.S. "Squeeze" campaign and encourage Tropicana / Pepsico Canada to consider adopting the same approach here.

Contact info:

Tropicana /Pepsico Canada:
Consumer Relations
14 Hunter Street East
Peterborough, ON K9J 7B2o
E na
T (800) 267-6287

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