Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Uber RadFem - Ms. Germaine GREER

I tripped across this blog-piece purely by accident - but it was a pleasure to read. Having not read read anything since The Female Eunuch, which established the first beach-head for academic radical feminism, I was intrigued with her most recent effort "Shakespeare's Wife". The article is a profile of Ms. GREER at a 2008 lecture/book signing in England for this book attended by this doyenne of the local (Oxford?) intelligentsia. After dragging her young daughters to attend a lecture by this icon of modern feminism, they witnesses GREER's casual humiliation of another young teen girl ahead of them in line. Barbie 2 - RadFems 0.

The incident perfectly encapsulates GREER as a "equal-opportunity" misanthrope, still comforted by her victimization and smug about her superior choices. Not having children is so liberating that way!

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