Thursday, June 19, 2008

"How my mother's fanatical views tore us apart" by Rebecca Walker

Wow, this article about feminist author Alice WALKER by her daughter Rebecca (and thanks to really blew me away. It reads like a black "Mommy Dearest".

This is why, I have almost finished "Spreading Misandry" the first book of a trilogy by Paul NATHANSON & Katherine K. YOUNG (McGill/Queen's University Press). In it they "deconstruct" popular culture in exhaustive detail to dredge up and trace the evolution of the current epidemic of anti-male hatred in pop-culture.

Alice WALKER, famed author of "The Color Purple" figures prominently in it because the movie of her book marked a major misandric turning-point in movie stereotypes. (Of course this is apart from the fact it also launched WALKERS writing career, as it did Opra WINFREY's acting career.) "Purple" was also the first "unvarnished" misandric portrayal of black men in modern film. The wheel had at last turned.

NATHANSON & YOUNG also did a good job in exposing WALKERS feminist credentials but maintain her important role was in shifting the previous white male-only negative stereotypes thereby closed a gaping breech in the gender wall. Until then "racial minorities" had been exempt from feminist misandric derision. They were treated as allies - equally oppressed by the male patriarchy. That characterization changed with the release of "The Color Purple" in 1985 and black/African American men were portrayed as bad or even worse that white men.

In my opinion, once that gap was closed, full "gender-feminism" was possible and the complete de-emancipation of men could begin ultimately leading to VAWA.

Lincoln in Dalivision by Salvador Dali

Monday, June 16, 2008

Nova Scotia mother charged in daughters murder

A shocking and heinous crime to be sure, but we must wait for the verdict and perhaps some of the truth about Karissa BOUDREAU's terrible death - hopefully to be revealed in court.

As such horrific cases of child murder appear these days there seem to be two sure things which happen. First, both parents (or more often than not the boyfriends and/or step-father) are always Prime Suspects #1 and second, law enforcement agencies appear to accept laying these seriously earth-shattering charges as the first step in breaking a case, regardless of the implications or repercussions on the terribly distressed and grieving families.

Yet such charges against a mother seems to have dredged up an enormous store of contempt and vitriol from the community, one of whom was quoted as saying "stuff like this happens in the big city, not in tiny Bridgewater" (a town of 8,000). Who are these people kidding? In my opinion it is more likely to happen in such a smug, insular and smothering small-town environment than in larger urban area's where many more opportunities exist for anonymity and self-deceptive behaviour.

Add this revelation to the other two recent, shocking multiple-family murders (Joshua LALL in Calgary AB on May 28, 2008 and Dwayne SCHOENBORN in Merritt BC on April 6, 2008) has silenced most parents.

In the case of Joshua LALL, he was extolled as a the "perfect" father who "cracked" for some unknown reason and reputedly (although these quotes are vaguely attributed to "unknown") began to "hear voices in his head" which would indicate some untofor unrecognized severe mental illness. The characterization of Dwayne SCHOENBORN was similar but less glowing as his ex-common-law spouse had left him with their children to "start a new life" six months prior to his sudden appearance. After strangling his three young children, he fled and was found a short distance away in a distressed and greatly weakened state - reportedly showing signs he had attempted but failed at suicide.

Then there is the multiple family murder-suicide of Santbir BRAR an Ottawa Transit garage supervisor who murdered his wife Amarjeet and their two university aged daughters, Manmeet and Dildeep before committing suicide in November 2007. Again, close neighbors expressed disbelief that such a "calm, cool and logical" father could commit such a heinous crime. Perhaps because many of this Indo-Canadian/immigrant family's relatives still lived in India or because it kept a less public profile and was less close to neighbors, this murder ceased to nag public opinion soon after it was first reported.

Men figure prominently as perpetrators in all but the first case, except that Karissa's mother - Ms. Penny Boudreau - has been prohibited from communicating with her boyfriend, a Vernon MACUMBER.

Who is more delusional, these broken parents who have (or are claimed to have) wreaked death on their children or those "happy-faced" individuals who ignore, dissemble and deny that "some problems" exist in close family members and loved ones but do nothing to help? sad Transfer to Personal Qwest

Christ of St. John of the Cross ,1951 by Salvador Dali

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Taking 'equality' too far

Karen Selick is beginning to rival Barbara Kay as my favorite columnist in the National Post. This article deconstructs a Liberal plan for a 'Commissioner of Gender Equality' and explains why how such plans reflect the left's unhealthy obsession with sex quotas. Faulty assumptions have been used to justify what used to be known as "affirmative action" programs in the USA - many that are now canceled due to their overall ineffectiveness or overturned by constitutional challenges.

The Birth of a God by Salvador Dali