Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Uncovering the science of the sexes

By somewhat unusual coincidence the National Post also featured a story on gender biology in reviewing a new book by Montreal psychologist Dr. Susan Pinker - The Sexual Paradox.
Biology, not patriarchy, is the culprit behind gender inequality in the workplace, a Montreal psychologist argues.
Dr. Pinker looks at the biological science that underpins fundamental gender differences in the way we work with each other, view and demonstrate competition, negotiation, and communications. One example may be attributed to the biology of empathy that drives women to want more connection and more meaning from their working lives. She cites research that shows how girls and women make more eye contact than men when communicating; how even as infants, girls respond to others' distress more quickly; and how female rats and macaque monkeys use grooming of others to reduce stress.

The implications are that feminist hand wringing about the low incidence of women in high achieving positions as a male conspired "glass ceiling" is mostly self-imposed.

Another radical feminist heresy?

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