Sunday, February 10, 2008

Prince George women to serve prison time with baby of father she murdered

This is bizarre.

This article oozes sympathy for Lisa Anne Whitford, 37, of Prince George and her 11-mth old son, Jordyn. It barely makes mention that she shot her common-law husband to death in 2006. She plead guilty to a manslaughter charge.

Yet despite that fact, it is unclear how her drug addiction played a role in their abusive relationship, but his reported abuse presumably mitigated the crowns case for Murder1 and was likely the factor which led to her to plead guilty to manslaughter.

As to her baby, Whitford will be allowed to keep Jordyn with her in prison. If she behaves by June 2009 she will be eligible for outings with the child - who will be 27 months old then - and she will be eligible for early release before Jordyn is four.

In the U.S, pregnant women entering any of the 114 federal prisons have the choice of an abortion or giving the child up for adoption or to foster parents. Of course they are allowed visits from children born before their arrest.

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