Thursday, January 24, 2008

Arrests in New Year's Day stabbing of Toronto teen, Stefanie Rengel

Arrests have been made in this shocking case of "girl aggression" - a less debated and not well understood phenomena that has been treated as "aberrations" since everyone knows that only men are "violent".

A 15yr old girl and her 18yr (who just turned 18 5days prior) are implicated in the stabbing at Eglington Ave and O'Connor Rd late on New Year's Day of 14 yr old Stefanie Rengel (pictured).

Yet it seems that somehow this case is missing the normally dark subtext of how a female assailant was actually a victim (in some convoluted manner) of the "male conspirator". Similar to Reena Virk, this sad death cannot easily be placed by feminist dogma as the result of "male patriarchy".

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