Sunday, July 10, 2016

Do women lie about Rape and why?

Recently I watched a excellent YT Video by local Anti-Feminist Karen Straughan (aka GirlWritesWhat?) deconstructing the lies of Vancouver-based Rad-Fem Megan Murphy regarding the Jian Ghomeshi trial.

Here it is:

Memorable among Karen's points was to demolish Megan Murphys questioning of what possible motive would justify ANY women claiming she was FALSELY Raped.

Karen raised these recent outrageous examples of women doing exactly that for the most mundane and despicable, self-serving reasons possible - like Laurie Ann Martinez in the U.S who wanted her husband to move to a better neighbourhood.

Of course closer to home was an Edmonton women - Heather Ann Marchand, 35yo who led police on 5 wild-goose chases over 4mths for an unidentified man who the defense maintained was to get attention of her ex-husband.

Or this case from Calgary in 2013 - Jessica Lynn Rogers - who was given Jail-time for filing 4 criminal claims against her ex-boyfriend.

Then there is this recent case where a Gay Youtuber fabricated his own assault.

Monday, May 23, 2016

10 Male "Privileges"

Powerful points.


Published on May 3, 2016
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“Gone” by Lucas King -

Extra Footage:

Requiem (Suicide Short Film) -


Repression at Facebook and Twitter grows - time for alternatives

Increasingly Zuckerberg Facebook and Jack Dorsey Twitter have been shutting down Conservative/Libertarians on their services.  I left Facebook years ago because I hated how they treated users and expropriated content - but this new level of censorship is just pure Orwellian and action is demanded by anyone who is in favour of Free Speech.

So I introduce the Russian version of FB - - and yes I understand the whining about "patriotism" but please recall who Edward Snowden is and why he fled the USA.

Monday, April 04, 2016

CAFE Edmonton holds Necktie Event

On Thurs March 31, 2016 CAFE Edmonton supporters met at the High Level Bridge near the Legislature to tie men's neckties to the bridge rails as a reminder of the epidemic of deaths facing Boys and Men.   It followed in support of  a Manitoba women (Lydia Daniels) who's son has been missing since Nov 2014.

Organizer Arnold Ferris noted that an inquiry into 153 missing/murdered Aboriginal Women should be expanded to include Men and Boys - noting that Aboriginal Men and Boys constitute 71% of murders in Canada (1750/2500 murders in Canada from 1982-2011) while only representing 5% of our population.

For more info contact Arnold Ferri:

And supporting this call to action is an interview with the mom of Lucas Degeneress - who disappeared from his home in Prince George BC in June 2007.

 (h/t to Doug Brinkman who recorded this item)

Monday, February 01, 2016

Rights of Parents are being infringed

There have been a couple of cases in the (mostly U.S) News recently that highlight the over-reach of the state into parenting.

In this case a Texas Dad was basically charged with Theft for taking away his 12yo daughters cell-phone as punishment for her poor choice of language in an text.  He maintained that the whole discipline incident was completely within his right as a parent and the intervention of Police should never have happened.  The judge threw out the case.

In Maryland a couple is challenging state legislation governing Child Protective Services as too vague and therefore violates the rights of parents under the U.S Constitution. They were investigated 3 times for allowing their children (aged 10 and 6 at the time) to walk a couple blocks back to their house from a nearby park.

A Nebraska Judge has ruled that State Judiciary must reveal the materials they use to train its judges in child custody and parenting time cases - as the disconnect between what is considered "In the Best Interests of the Child" according to most social research that strongly supports children spending time with both parents is in stark contrast to Court judgements that have Fathers only seeing their kids 17% of the time.

All of these U.S cases are woeful examples of Judicial, Prosecutorial and Legislative laxity and over reach that effect the rights of parents to  raise and enjoy the company of their children.

Which leads to a possible Liberal Election promise of PM Trudeau that would re-criminalize spanking of children.   It was reviewed under the Conservatives and sensibly revised - but Trudeau has signaled he would bring back.  Why?

Here was a letter that opposed this move:
Re: A Spanking Is In Order, editorial, Dec. 22.In a discussion about something as as significant culturally as the spanking law, one would hope a longer view of the impact such a decision would have on people  would be taken. Increasing violence, especially against the most vulnerable, is a valid and just concern, but outlawing spanking might be barking up the wrong tree. 
Anti-spanking advocates might do well to consider the case of Sweden, which outlawed spanking in 1979. The hope was that a decline in violence would follow, but The Swedish National Council on Crime Prevention and the Swedish Crime Survey report some surprising statistics. As of 2012, increases in sexual assault have been five-fold, assault and aggravated assault have tripled, and trends in shoplifting, vandalism, and drunkenness have followed suit. Equally shocking is  the increase in assaults by youth on children of more than 480 per cent, making Sweden more criminal per capita than the United States. 
This seems counter-intuitive. Perhaps we underestimate the good impact parents are free to have when allowed to exercise authoritative restraint over their children, which is not the same thing as abuse. In a decision so directly connected to the fabric of the nation, could we call for broader dialogue?
Jason Shinduke, Camden East, Ont.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Counter-Feminist presents a case

This is link to excellent (but long 1:37 h:m) compilation by now underground Counter-Feminist Christy0Misty (from I believe the rabidly infested blue/feminist state of Wisconsin).  She makes some excellent points - and ends with an remarkable challenge - and this was in 2009?

Another egregious example of False Allegations jails innocent man 19mths

This terrible injustice was covered in a San Diego CA newscast.

He was facing 35 years because of baseless claims made by a drug-addicted women who was actually 23 with 3 kids and was well known to police.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Official Feminists in Canada - blink

Official Feminists in Canada - blink

68% of Canadian women don’t call themselves a feminist

Of course - even those numbers don't seem right - except that the traditional readership of one of Canada's premiere magazine titles could have stated it smugly as "32% of Canadian Women reaffirm commitment to Feminism".  The actual title represents an effort to "jinn-up" their diminishing readership base and create an opportunity to prop-up that failing brand by repeating the feminist mantra - ad nausium.  Only a few years ago that figure was 20% (although that was from a properly represented sample and not one as self-selectively biased as Chatelaine).

But the cover - 40 almost exclusively white, middle-aged, middle-class women - gave it away - despite the accompanying video with primped and edgy avowels and a few honest, questioning souls.

No, this was a swan song "call to defend" the gynocentric ubercult - which seems finally to be finding itself under cultural siege - despite help from "the Dauphin" Trudeau.  His Chief of Staff'Katy Telfords solution to waning popularity?  Double-down!

More of us should call ourselves Feminists!