Thursday, June 21, 2018

Cultural Sabotage

This made the rounds about a week ago - and despite the vague feeling I had seen this actress somewhere I did not bother to follow-up.  I think it speaks for itself.    Toronto Pride Parade is apparently this weekend.

And in other news - Christian Activist Bill Whatcott - who infiltrated the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade and handed out "Gospel Condoms" with a Spiritual Warning to practicing Homosexuals was issued with an arrest summons for his "Hate Crime".

Meanwhile this shocking incident was on - a Catholic Priest slaps a young child during an encounter. (at 20 secs - it sounds like it is in France)

Alex also covers the shocking news that 11 yr old Boy Scouts will be given condoms at upcoming Jamboree where girls will now be admitted  (not the other way around at Girl Guides - yet).

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Was Enoch Powell Right?

From a 2002 BBC Crime Drama - this remarkable claim for England that echo's Enoch Powells predictions from almost 50yrs ago (1968April 20 Rivers of Blood Speech).

Monday, May 28, 2018

Conspiracy Theory's Alive - 50 Years Later - Who Killed Bobby?

This newspaper photo from the June 5, 1968 assassination of  Bobby Kennedy remains seared in my memory.

Only 41/2yrs after his brothers death at the hands of an assassin - it seemed inconceivable that it could have happened again.   It happened in the kitchen area of the Ambassador Hotel in LA right after he had been declared the California Democratic Nominee for President in the ensuing Nov 1968 Election.

The nation was still reeling from the shock of Martin Luther King Jr assassination on April 4, 1968 in Memphis TN.

But if "Camelot" died with JFK it was completely racinated and demolished by the death of his brother Bobby.  Even as a young boy I recall feeling even more discombobulated when that 1968 Summer was called "the Summer of Love" as if the media narrative was an attempt to vaccinate against the poisonous zeitgeist that had infected the body politic.

Of course these American Political developments were also overshadowed by the tumult taking place in Canada.  On April 6, 1968 Pierre Trudeau won a taunt Liberal Leadership race over John Winters in a crowded field that ushered in one of the most charismatic and challenging politicians on Canadian history. Upon winning the Leadership Trudeau almost immediately called for a General Election on Jun 25, 1968 and so the shocking assassination of Bobby Kennedy became another icon of American violence set as counter-point to Canadian society and history.

So - imagine my surprise when I saw this headline in the

Link to PDF of Article

A MORE shocking example of MSM Breath-taking mendacity

Late Friday May 25, 2018 the NOKO Summit between President Trump and Kim Jung-Il was back on after President Trump apparently had "walked away" on Thursday.     This put the most corrosive MSM (Jeff Bezo's Washington Post and Carlos Slim's New York Times) into a snit as they had been jubilant when the supposed "walk-away" was announced since it re-inforced their narrative of failure against President Trump.

Of course that they were undermining the national interest in order to maintain this narrative was inconsequential to these POS.   It was much MORE IMPORTANT THAT President Trump FAIL in signing a Peace Treaty with NOKO almost 65yrs after hostilities ceased on 1953JUL27 so they and their narrative would be right!

However after the Summit was back on it also turned out that they had "embellished" the truth in their reportage about the "walk-away" as they also quoted "un-named White-House Source" as saying it would be "impossible" to reschedule the Summit as planned for Tues June 12. This was not true.

They LIED!  And Trump called them on it.

Here is Mollie Hemingway's at The Federalist recap of the ensuing media apocalypse.

Mouthy Buddah develops doubt about Sam Harris

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Example of Breathtaking Media Stupidity

Elon Musk his talking nonsense and the MSM repeat it like stenographers.  Incredible #FakeNews.

Reminds me of absolute scams like Enron, Brex Gold, Ballard Power and Delorean Motors.  Who will call the MSM out on their role?

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg defends his right to hold personal convictions

He knocks it "out of the park" (to use a Baseball analogy) or "Man of the Match" (using Cricket) against this well known BBC opponent.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Independent Counsel Mueller 1 Year Anniversary - When will the Witch Hunt End?

May 19 marks to 1 year Anniversary of the appointment of Special Independent Council Robert Mueller and the White House has made it clear that they wish the "Witch-Hunt" of finding Russian Collusion to be completed as it is interfering with the execution of the Presidents duties.

Well-know pundit (and Lawyer) Lionel addresses the question of whether Mr Mueller is in fact operating within the bounds of the law after an article appeared in the WSJ on this issue.

The inescapable conclusion is that Mueller is acting far beyond the scope of his authority and is in all likelihood acting Illegally and Unconstitutionally.

On this basis there is little chance ANY of the supposed indictments made by Mueller can be upheld in court.  However the impact in the Court of Public Opinion would be devastating - which is likely why President Trump dares not to order a shut down of the investigation.

But as the investigations by the Senate Intelligence Committee proceed apace it seems that more and more an advantage is accruing to the President as the Deep State machinations are being bared for all to see - and it ain't pretty.

Emails show FBI discussed Dossier with CNN

John Brennan should take the cyanide pill now.

Public Evidence about Crossfire Hurricane Demands Full Investigation, Stat

This "matter" when all is said and done is so much bigger an abuse of DOJ/FBI/CIA powers than the Watergate Scandal - that it will be amazing to see what happens to the Deep State operatives.

UPDATE:  May 25 Judge Jeanine summarizes discovery of spy planted in Trump Campaign.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Improbable Cause - Family Breakdown leads to 3 murders

I read this sad story in the Toronto Star this week.   It is yet another example of how the legacy of Family Breakdown can drive otherwise normal people to extreme and deadly actions - in this case the shocking death of a divorced Dad (Caleb Harrison) and his supportive elderly parents - Bill and Bridget Harrison.

We do not learn much of the legal challenges encountered but it seems a crisis in the Medical Examiner community contributed to poor procedures and communications by Police and Forensic Pathologists contributed to missed opportunities to identify a killer.

It is a long article but essentially it boils down to this:
  • The mysterious death of a single Dad (Caleb) triggers a re-appraisal of 2 other recent deaths of his parents.
  • These deaths were considered odd and suspicious by Family at the time but little effort by Police were made to investigate.   Part of the reason for this failure was lack of communications with and clear procedures in place by the Provincial Medical Examiners.
  • There was a crisis atmosphere at the Ontario ME Office as the first death of Caleb's dad Bill (not at first considered "suspicious") coincided with the discovery of a rotten Pathologist Charles Smith. (I Smith was found to have provided false and defamatory evidence in many cases leading to a wholesale review of all his cases and overhaul of the Ontario Medical Examiners Office.
  • The previous odd deaths were first Caleb's dad - Bill - soon followed by his mother Bridget after Caleb and secured a Divorce from his ex-wife Mellissa.  
  • During both deaths (not considered murders) there was alot of turmoil  between Caleb and his ex-wife Melissa over custody of their son and other issues.
  • Once Caleb died and it was clear thats it was murder - it set in motion a review of how and why his parents died.  With Caleb's ex-wife - Melissa Merritt - and her new husband, Chris Fattore - the prime suspects.   
  • While under surveillance they provided evidence that eventually lead to their conviction - although much was deemed "tainted" by Police actions - both were sentenced to 25 yrs in jail
Caleb Harrison was found dead in his Mississauga home on Aug. 23, 2013

PDF of article