Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Lazy Media "obdurate mix of ignorance and certainty"

I saw this quote from Dr Jordan Peterson recently and thought it was right on.  He was quoting an article that had covered many of the lazy news media attacks on his work - which has been substantial - not unlike practically ever TV/Radio interview he has given for the last 18mths.  It explains alot of his popularity - that he is able to "game, set match" many of the faux intellectuals he faces in these interviews.  From their questions it seems that many have not actually read his book (some even admit as much in Reviews!) or they clearly have no grasped what he is talking about.

But more revealing and damaging for the media is how completely intellectually bankrupt the truly are - many have no deep knowledge on anything - and many are just throwing off simplistic, solipsistic pop culture yet imply they are somehow Public Intellectuals.

They are barely News Readers for God's sake!

Here is most recent discussion with popular YouTuber Joe Rogan on the topic.

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