Thursday, June 21, 2018

Cultural Sabotage

This made the rounds about a week ago - and despite the vague feeling I had seen this actress somewhere I did not bother to follow-up.  I think it speaks for itself.    Toronto Pride Parade is apparently this weekend.

And in other news - Christian Activist Bill Whatcott - who infiltrated the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade and handed out "Gospel Condoms" with a Spiritual Warning to practicing Homosexuals was issued with an arrest summons for his "Hate Crime".

Meanwhile this shocking incident was on - a Catholic Priest slaps a young child during an encounter. (at 20 secs - it sounds like it is in France)

Alex also covers the shocking news that 11 yr old Boy Scouts will be given condoms at upcoming Jamboree where girls will now be admitted  (not the other way around at Girl Guides - yet).

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