Monday, May 28, 2018

A MORE shocking example of MSM Breath-taking mendacity

Late Friday May 25, 2018 the NOKO Summit between President Trump and Kim Jung-Il was back on after President Trump apparently had "walked away" on Thursday.     This put the most corrosive MSM (Jeff Bezo's Washington Post and Carlos Slim's New York Times) into a snit as they had been jubilant when the supposed "walk-away" was announced since it re-inforced their narrative of failure against President Trump.

Of course that they were undermining the national interest in order to maintain this narrative was inconsequential to these POS.   It was much MORE IMPORTANT THAT President Trump FAIL in signing a Peace Treaty with NOKO almost 65yrs after hostilities ceased on 1953JUL27 so they and their narrative would be right!

However after the Summit was back on it also turned out that they had "embellished" the truth in their reportage about the "walk-away" as they also quoted "un-named White-House Source" as saying it would be "impossible" to reschedule the Summit as planned for Tues June 12. This was not true.

They LIED!  And Trump called them on it.

Here is Mollie Hemingway's at The Federalist recap of the ensuing media apocalypse.

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