Friday, June 02, 2017

CEO Gender Gap exists

21 Females CEO's make a median compensation of US$13.8 million vs the US$11.6 median of 386 male CEO's.    How is this fair?   I demand parity as we know that Men should not get paid LESS FOR THE SAME WORK!   Who could argue that men do not deserve to be discriminated against?  

I recommend that all female Fortune 500 CEO's take a 16% pay cut immediately to right  this wrong.

Females    21 x  $13.8 =    $289.8  x  84%  =  $243.4 / 21 =  $11.6    [    5.2%
Males     386 x $11.6  =  $4477.6                                                        [  94.8%
TOTAL                           $4767.4                 $4721.0         [ -1.0%    [100.0%

Finally - Ontario women jailed for false accusation of ex-husband's assault/rape

Finally Jennifer Gauthier's lie about her husband's attack get sent to jail for 60 days.   She claimed her ex-husband had choked and tried to rape her in Sept 2015 and until she recanted he had spent 19 days in jail.

The Judge accepted the Crowns recommendation but said at sentencing "Quite frankly I feel the Crowns position of 60 days jail is a very lenient one".

And pray tell Judge - would a man get away with this light a sentence if reversed?   Don't make me laugh.