Thursday, March 23, 2017

And now "London has Fallen" threat

Attack on UK Parliament by lone Islamic Terrorist seemed surprisingly easy.  Only 1 attacker, no vest or gun - and do policemen not have guns or wear vests at High Security threat locations like Parliament?

Last week I noted lack of security at Whitehouse that reminded me of "Olympus has Fallen" action flick.

Yesterday reminded me of the followup movie "London has Fallen" where world leaders converge for UK Prime Minister Funeral and are attacked by angry Islamic tribesmen (sorry it is Hindu version).

UPDATE:  March 26/17

Article in UK Sun Newspaper describes the very poor security arrangements that after a War Game scenario "ended with most MP's dead".

Here is another account of Spanish visitor who narrowly avoided being mowed down by SUV driven my UK Parliamentary attack Terrorist Khalid Masood and tended to some of the injured.  I was a bit surprised to hear of the multinational background of a number of the victims in the attack last week - including this Spanish-born mother of 2.

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