Thursday, January 19, 2017

Suicide in Japan

I came across this pretty impressive YT channel by a Occidental in Japan - and he deals quite extensively with the fairly high level of Suicide in that country PLUS he explores the special and related aspects (IMHO) like: Karoshi - Death by Overwork;  Hikkikomori - Social Isolation/Hermit; Jisatsu - Self Death and Seppiku - Ritual Sacrifice.

This is a pretty powerful citizen production on the topic.

These remind me of an article I read years ago by an English Prof that describes her feelings about her fathers death titled "The Turquoise Sea".

UPDATE: March 22/17 - One in Four Japanese Consider Suicide, Health Ministry Stats Reveal

This article provides some shocking Survey results from Japan whose incidence of suicide is 3rd among nations (Male 26.9/100,000 and Female 10.1/100,000) behind South Korea and Hungary.

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