Tuesday, November 08, 2016

2016 Presidental Election: Go TRUMP

Today is Election Day in America.  Go TRUMP!

One of the most remarkable things about this Election has been the collusion of the Press.  It is not new but the degree of anger and disappointment by the public against the Mainstream Media has been a special turning point.

In this interview Mollie Hemingway gives her opinion on Donald J. Trump calling-out a NBC News Reporter for what he believes is biased coverage.  Of course it became a reported-upon incident used to discredit Trump - so the charge remains.  But I think that it is fair that the Reporter - Katy Tur - is perfectly justified in defending herself once Trump introduced the issue.   However, Hemingway makes a GREAT point:

“There’s a contract in play, and the way we treat each other is part of that contract,” Hemingway said. “The media have done a lot to hurt that social contract." 

“When people break that social contract, you do expect to see people start to boo back,” she said. “The sensitivity and defensiveness that we’re seeing among media people, when they’ve done so much to destroy civil discourse and to disparage the views of so many people, I’m not that impressed that we’re getting that upset by it.”

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