Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sting or Setup?

In Seattle Times today this article that reports FBI refusing to reveal HOW Child-Porn Sting operations was carried out - except it has become clear the Agency took-over a knows Kiddy Porn site and trolled its users.  There are serious questions about the FBI being involved in distribution and promotion of Porn - and given that such activities are illegal in to US - it is causing grave concern.

Of course similar activities ostensibly used to capture criminals in Canada and the UK face no such restrictions but are increasingly coming under attack as "entrapment" - as in recent case of "Victoria Jihad's" John Nutall and Amanda Korody.

Such questionable police activities known as "Mr Big" tactics have come under more scrutiny everywhere. In Canada Nelson Hart was acquitted by the Supreme Court Activities for "evidence" in his murder conviction that was essentially cooked up by the RCMP.

The other very troubling aspect of this article is that PREVIOUSLY CONSIDERED SECURE Browser "Tor" has been compromised.