Monday, April 04, 2016

CAFE Edmonton holds Necktie Event

On Thurs March 31, 2016 CAFE Edmonton supporters met at the High Level Bridge near the Legislature to tie men's neckties to the bridge rails as a reminder of the epidemic of deaths facing Boys and Men.   It followed in support of  a Manitoba women (Lydia Daniels) who's son has been missing since Nov 2014.

Organizer Arnold Ferris noted that an inquiry into 153 missing/murdered Aboriginal Women should be expanded to include Men and Boys - noting that Aboriginal Men and Boys constitute 71% of murders in Canada (1750/2500 murders in Canada from 1982-2011) while only representing 5% of our population.

For more info contact Arnold Ferri:

And supporting this call to action is an interview with the mom of Lucas Degeneress - who disappeared from his home in Prince George BC in June 2007.

 (h/t to Doug Brinkman who recorded this item)