Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Last word on Rape Culture Debate - Ha!

In view of Jessica Valenti's attempt to squash the distribution of a debate on Rape Culture between her and Wendy McElroy at Brown University RI on Nov 19, 2014 - I am mirroring the event here. Apparently, Valenti promised to put hers up - but didn't*.

Another comment from Wendy McElroy - 3 rape myths that need sunlight.

* This I have noticed is a common feature of Feminists Events that has been well noted before - their tendency to strictly "control the Agenda" - indeed all discourse if possible.  A few years ago - I intended to record the speakers at a local Feminist Event (seductively entitled "Feminism and Men's Issues") with a small digital camera BUT the organizers stated at the outset that they did not want ANYONE to disturb the event and assured everyone that a full copy would be up on YouTube within a reasonable time.  To reinforce this they had security guards patrolling the Theatre. But they lied and there was never any video of the event released anywhere to my knowledge.

The benefit of this was they had full "plausible deniability" of anyone who disagreed or challenged their comments as false misrepresentations or as being misquoted/understood.  It completely shuts down any debate on the issues outside the tightly controlled venue to their advantage - and they LIKE it that way thank-you.   Lord help them if someone has well-constructed argument for them to consider - it might break their narrative.

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