Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Does this Execution make me look fat?

Following up on another example of feminist misandry I came across this writer Sam Allen - who scratches out her free-lance bile for a few publications - in particular this article about the menu choices of Executed Female Convicts and in particular Kelly Gissendaner - only the 16th women executed since the Death Penalty was re-instated in America in 1976.

Please note her degree - a Ph.D from Emory in Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies under a George W. Woodruff Endowment Scholarship. Woodruff and his brother being Directors of one of Georgia's most well-known companies Coca-Cola Inc - the takeover of which was orchestrated by his father who ran Trust Company (now Sun Trust Bancshares).  Sam also received a John Money Fellowship for Scholars of Sexology from the *Kinsey Institute in Indiana University Bloomington.

Dr. John Money was the acknowledged inventor of perverted gender theory still promoted by the sex-obsessed Kinsey Institute that lead to the disastrous treatment of a young Canadian boy David Reimer from a botched circumcision in 1966.

* Here is another article that describes the highly questionable methods of Prof. Kinsey and his wierd influence in American culture.

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