Monday, August 10, 2015

Anti-Feminism grows

This Sat Aug 8 is YEG SlutWalk - and after Lauren Southerns appearance at YVR SlutWalk on June 10 - I will attend to observe exactly what this event is now about.

But there does seem to be a growing number who do NOT accepting Feminist Propaganda anymore.

Kathy Seagull - Why I am not a Feminist (May 2015)

CharlotteLiftsBruh - Why I am not a Feminist (May 2015)

[She was attacked by feminist for some of her choices/thoughts.   3rd World issues not addressed]

Zara Faris - Anti-Feminism from Islamic POV

Stefanie Nicholas - #WomenAgainstFeminists is the tag that killed me

Anastasia Proctner (although it does seem that she wants her cake as well)

Christina Hoff Sommers -  How Feminism Went Wrong

P.S As I did not manage to post this until AFTER Aug 8 - here was debate TODAY SlutWalk organizer between Danielle Paradis and Lauren Southern.

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